History Of Backpack

Backpack has been helping humankind to carry loads around their back since the very first time it was founded. Back at that time, "backpack" was used to help the traveling peoples at ancient times, to carry their goods, all over the globe.

Then, Henry Merriam designed a bag, made with a wood frame and soft canvas which then it called a knapsack.


Merriam submitted a patent in 1877, his pack was used by the States Army to be able to carry more goods and utilities that might be needed. And until now, it experienced a lot of evolution, to reach the point where we all know now.


The main materials that were used are shifting regularly, Fjallraven, a well-known bag company from Sweden, utilized canvas as their main material. Raw materials such as leather, wood, and even light steel were also utilized to be one.

Backpack evolution was slow but surely making an improvement, the existence of zippers in backpack was introduced by Gerry Cunningham in 1938, and then his signature backpack, called Teardrop Backpack released in 1967, using nylon as it main materials. the utilizing of nylon revolutionized the world of backpack. And until now, backpack has become a significant part of humankind.