Our Materials.

Quality of a products is determined by how good the material is,

The higher the quality is, showed how good the product is.

The founder of Journalier Sacs et Porter, thrives to deliver the best quality to their customers.

With a reasonable price, we’re trying to provide a stunning quality.

We, utilize vegan leather as one of our materials, besides polyester 600D and polyester bimo water-repellant. We want to deliver the best quality to our customers out there, and we have the desire to send the message to the world that by using vegan leather we're trying to evade the natural environment from the instability that we never want to see.

Vegan Leather, a Cruelty-free leather, often made from polyurethane, but can also be made from other sustainable materials such as leaves, fruit waste, and recycyled plastics. Stella McCartney, a famous designer, used only vegan leather in her collections. A lot of big, by big we mean, big brands using only vegan leather as their main leather materials.


Polyester 600D, is one of the most used materials for bags making, besides nylon. The ‘ D ‘ in Polyester 600D is Denier, a unit of measurement to describe the thickness of a material. Polyester 600D is well-known for its strength, durability, and resistance.

Polyester Bimo, not many brands using this material, this material has a high resistancy point for wrinkles and germs. By this materials, we were known for our high durability and resilient products. 

If you’re looking for a high quality with stunning resiliency product, you might looking right at it.

One of our signature product, Elliot, might be worthy of your hard work and restless duty day. 

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Have a nice day, Journaliers!