Story of Journalier.

Journalier comes from the French language, which means daily. We try to fly high from Bandung, a romantic city with a lot of beautiful scenery, and much love. With love, we deliver to you, our products.



Journalier is a passionate bag-making company, we focus on conveying our humbling design with high-grade materials. We started our journey by creating the most to the point totebag and backpack, which is available in 4 different colors.



Our founder's idea is to serve and to provide, the best daily receptacle to hold your daily goods at an affordable price and stunning values. Like the Eli Executive Crossbody Bag you just saw, you’re going to look better with it!


Our objective is to evolve daily supportive bags, into daily good-looking supportive bags and to encourage people to wear the best local products available. As we know, at this hard situation, all we can do is to help and support each other.

Cheers, Journaliers!